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CTI’s two-month digital marketing course will open the door for employment with Blue Dragon Digital Marketing, Bhutan’s first FDI Digital Company based at the Thimphu Tech Park.

Our IELTS modular classes are catered to focus on areas where Bhutanese tend to score lower in. Our trainers will work specifically with you on Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

DUELI is the Deakin University English Language Institute test that our team will guide you through. The DUELI test is an accepted online alternative to the IELTS when applying for an Australian student visa.

Certificate in Digital Marketing

Course overview

Get your Chhundu Training Institute certificate: This comprehensive digital marketing course will teach you what you need for the modern work place. Learn the tools of blog writing, copy writing, content writing. Understand why social media marketing and search engine optimization is so important in this day and age.

The standard in Digital Marketing: Whether you’re a beginner or a professional this certification will prepare you for employment with Blue Dragon Digital Marketing.

Course Brief

Month 1
: An in depth understanding of Blog Writing, Content Writing and Copy Writing. Using it in Digital Marketing.

Month 2: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly on Directory Submissions, Business Listings and Micro Blogs. Getting it done, how to use Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube as Digital Marketing tools.

What will I learn?

You will become a skilled operator. We expect our graduates to start work the day they walk out of our doors.

Become an online influencer now.

Digital Marketing 101:

What is digital marketing and how does it influence the way we do things?

How do you reach potential clients?

CTI will take you through a step by step journey that will enable you to get directly employed when you graduate.


What are blogs – Importance of key words – Writing subtitles – Picking images and writing captions – Writing a lead paragraph – Writing a conclusion – Do’s and don’ts of blog writing – Writing a blog – Blog review – Editing

Serach Engine Optimization:

What are Directory Submissions – Creating Directory Listings – Quora

Social Media:

Instagram – YouTube – Facebook – Pinterest

IELTS Tutorials

Reading -Writing – Listening – Speaking

Course Brief

Each module will be a two hour class spread out over four days with a practice test at the end of each week. It’s a four week course covering 20 hours of training.

All courses are based on the official IELTS Cambridge University Press content.

Course overview

This course will be the difference between scoring a 5 and 6.5 that’s generally accepted as the go to score to improve your acceptance into an institution without the need of an English component saving you money and improving your student visa profile. It’s the difference between a visa rejection and acceptance. A well prepared IELTS applicant ensures you don’t have to sit for the test multiple times.


Course Brief

Two week course – four days a week – two hours a day – with an assessment on the fifth day.

Learn how to respond to questions directly and efficiently, enabling you to be assertive when replying.
Learn how to write effective essays in 30 minutes.
Understand the importance of the question being asked of you. 

Course overview

An English language preparatory course to familiarize you with the test and how best to write it.

The Deakin University English Language Institute has an independent English language test that is accepted by the Department of Home Affairs as an alternative to the IELTS, when applying for your student visa.

DUELI is an online 40 minute writing test followed by a 10 minute speaking test. Unlike the IELTS, DUELI is an accepted online test and is free of cost for all students applying to Deakin University.


The Objective:

Businesses have adapted.

We realized that a business needs to be structured that encompasses the protocols of the present day, the ability to transport goods across any border and have the end users ready to receive the product.

Our end business model is based on a platform where production is not carried out in a formal factory, but produced from any room in any office or in any home, the transportation of goods is via the information highway and the end user is ready to receive their product with a click of the button.

The requirements for production are trained individuals, the internet, a computer and an end buyer of the product. This is what we intend to create, these are the skills you will develop at CTI to join a new kind of independent, free thinking out of the box work force.

Digital marketing

Come join us in the pursuit of excellence in marketing, as a student or as an instructor.


Study with our instructors and increase your chances of scoring high.

This is the beginning of your career! 


DUELI is an accepted online test and is free of cost for all students applying to Deakin University.

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Our Team

Tshering Yangden

Head Instructor / Lecturer

Digital Marketing / IELTS / DUELI

Shifali Garg

Online Instructor / Lecturer


Koonden wangda

Lecturer / Counselor


Namgay Dorji

Lecturer / Counselor


Palden Tshering

Guest Lecturer

Krishan Jhalani

Guest Lecturer