6 major reasons why you should include podcasting in your digital marketing strategy

The power of podcasting for telling a story

Commencing an online business is a common  avenue these days as it significantly reduces the upfront cost, unlike in the old days. Starting a business online does not require a huge number of employees, office space or expensive advertisement channels. Times have changed and aspiring entrepreneurs are constantly looking for  new measures to grow and thrive. This blog will talk about one of them : Podcast marketing.

What is a podcast?

What really is a podcast?

A podcast is simply audio programmes, similar to that to a radio show except it’s hosted through digital platforms. Listeners can choose from varieties of podcasts such as crime, tv shows, politics and so on, while indulging in some other activity. That is a major advantage of podcasts and marketers are exploiting that sub-consciousness nature of humans. 

Podcasting provides a major boost for any business since more and more individuals are tuning in and spending more time listening to podcasts. There are training institutes in Thimphu, mainly Chhundu Training Institute (CTI), that will enlighten the readers about digital marketing.

Podcast is the perfect marketing tool to tap a base of potential clients and raise brand recognition. While websites are the best when it comes to advertising and converting, what about those individuals who are not fond of browsing the internet and scour through written information?

Podcast marketing,if done correctly, it will bring the following benefits to your business:

#1 Starts a conversation and build relationships with your customers
Podcasting- the power of conversation

Podcasts have become an increasingly popular means of actively engaging with customers. Individuals can listen to your podcast while engaging in some other activity.  Your voce and the way you convey and connect with your customers will have optimum impact on them – also serve as an alternative to face-to-face interaction. This way, you can engage, establish relations with your clients, and showcase the effectiveness of your product/services – through interviews & important guests you invite in your programme.

An effective podcast marketing will compel your audience to try out your product and boost sales. A two-way communication between customers and producers can be made possible. The trick is to link your podcast and brand, enabling the customers to connect with you and engaging lead nurturing programmes with your podcast.

#2 Increases business’ rankings

Podcasting to improve your SEO ranking

Podcasts can help you rank higher in google. For those who are familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you know how significant keywords are, and how it can improve your business website ranking. Alongside working with your podcast, you can advertise through ads and social media, to compel your users to convert.

You have the potential to target more customers and new listeners. Moreover, google can easily pick up on the engagements and automatically boost your SEO rank. All in all, it increases your website traffic.

#3 Lower marketing expenses

Podcasting enables you to cut cost & save money

Starting a podcast channel is relatively cheap – anyone can do it. It is far more chaper compared to vlogging and video marketing. It is suitable for small businesses that don’t have much expenses to spare.There is no need for a studio setup. They can do podcasts from home, office, park or streets.

Unless your company is new to content marketing, creating a podcast is a simple and easy process. If your company already has a blog or some videos that contain useful information for customers, you already have generated ideas for your podcast.  Top Quality content, regardless of age, its relevance transcends time. it gets better with age – like fine wines.

If you possess the quality to expound your topic with a mixture of fresh and old perspective, listeners will love it! – don’t be afraid of using old content

#4 Raises brand recognition and awareness

Podcasting as a marketing tool : reach out new audiences

Podcasts are a great way to create awareness and recognition for your brand. As mentioned above, people can simply listen to podcasts while going about their day. It doesn’t require individual attention.  This way, you can penetrate a huge audience. They can tune in your podcast while indulging in some other activity and your brand will reach their subconsciousness – retention and brand recognition.

Many individuals are multitaskers and podcasts are a great tool that can fit this on-the-go lifestyle. Podcasts will enable you to connect with your customers and ensure your brand stays in their consciousness for as long as possible.

In case your podcasting channel thrives, many other brands will pay you for exposure. In other words, you can also earn from the podcast itself – remember to avoid involving brands that pose a direct competition to your brand.

#5 Podcasting mixes well with any marketing mix

Time to add podcasting to your marketing mix

Through podcasting, you can communicate with your customers, provide influential talks, increase conversion/email list, advertise, promote blogs and many more. It basically fits in any marketing effort.

As mentioned earlier, it can reach a wide array of customers and make them convert. Larger the audience, higher the sale rate.

#6 Podcasting is Huge and it’s Growing

The future of podcasting looks good

Though podcasting has been around for some time, it is gradually turning into an important business tool. According to recent research, about 24% of Americans listen to one podcast per month – Now that’s a lot of potential customers.

It does require a lot of skills, research and knowledge like live-streaming to create an engaging podcast. However, it’s less intimidating since it’s mostly done off camera – providing you a stress free platform to showcase your knowledge.

For any business to prosper, you need to be open to various strategies and ideas that will enable your business to grow. Similarly, being innovative with your approach will increase the probability  of your business being remembered by the people. If you want more intels, CTI provides digital marketing training in Thimphu.

If you still haven’t opted podcasting as a part of your marketing campaign, it’s high time you do. The figures don’t lie – where might podcasting fit into your digital marketing approach?

Podcasts are growing, along with it comes various opportunities and if you know how to use it, you will succeed. You can interact with your customers and create awareness of your brand. Plus,it is comparatively cheaper compared to other marketing tools, versatile and at the same time, assists you in ranking higher in SEO results – all of which are essential for long-term business success.

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