IELTS test helps to improve stamina, understand strengths and weaknesses. The number of people appearing for IELTS in Bhutan increases every year
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The IELTS is the highest International Standard for Language assessment. It is ranked and recognized by universities and employers from many countries such as New Zealand, Canada, the UK, Australia, and the United States of America.
The IELTS is a globally accepted and credited English language proficiency test that has set the English language standard for over thirty years. With over ten thousand organizations worldwide validating the IELTS, getting employed and admitted in institutes, colleges, companies, and firms of all domains become more manageable and straightforward.
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IELTS practice is what you need to test how knowledgeable a person you are. Practice makes a man perfect, and IELTS is what you need to do if you find yourself capable
A counselor handles and works with hundreds of people, guiding them to the right path. Everyone cannot become a counselor in a day or a week. He/ she has to be qualified to become a full-fledged, certified counselor.
Problem-solution essays are a type of essay question sometimes given to you in the test. In this writing, you need to discuss a particular topic’s issues and then suggest possible solutions to these problems. First thing, make sure you know how to identify one of these questions when asked.
Education is one of the significant roots that guide people to their desired path, and individuals need to choose the finest education consultant.  Comprehensive research and information are required while choosing the right education consultant. It is essential to select the right education consultancy for a successful career path. It acts as a gateway to your defined goal. Bhutan education consultancy differs based on their work ethics, business models, motives, and many more
These days the employment rate has been rapidly rising with more numbers of graduates in Bhutan. No wonder how much you score, the government jobs are limited, and more competition in the market. With the development of a country year by year, numerous private companies are coming up where you have an opportunity to learn new skills in life. Government jobs are the solution to everything, but there are other ways you can opt.