How Important Is the TOEFL

What is TOEFL?

If you’re a non-native English speaker interested in studying in an English-speaking country, you’ve probably heard of the TOEFL test. But what precisely is the test, the importance of TOEFL, and does TOEFL matter?

This article will walk you through the TOEFL, including what it is, how it works, and the importance of TOEFL. 

The TOEFL is widely available to test takers worldwide, with over 130 countries and more than 7500 institutes providing it, including renowned universities in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The results are used to determine student admission and scholarships; higher scores indicate more alternatives.

Educational Testing Service administers the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) (ETS). Non-native English-speaking people who want to enroll at international universities take this test. TOEFL results are also accepted for visas, certification, scholarships, and immigration purposes. TOEFL is a test that evaluates a candidate’s English language skills in speaking, reading, listening, and writing. The test takes around 3 hours to administer, and the majority of the questions are multiple choices.  

The exam is taken by applying for admission at the Bachelors’s, Masters’s, or Ph.D. level. The results of the TOEFL test are only valid for two years after you take it. The TOEFL score validity period is relatively short of guaranteeing that institutions have reliable and current information about your English skills.

Structure of the TOEFL Exam

TOEFL Test Structure

  • The test has the highest score of 120 points, and the reading section consists of three passages with 12-14 questions each. Each passage lasts 20 minutes, and you can take notes while reading and use them to answer your questions.
  • Three discussions and six lectures make up the listening component. Each talk or lecture can only be heard once, and you may take notes while listening; this session lasts sixty minutes.
  • Six questions make up the speaking component, which assesses your ability to communicate in English. You can take notes while listening. The fluency of the English language and including the accuracy of the topic are used to evaluate the speaking. The speaking portion is limited to twenty minutes.
  • There are two essays in the writing part. The integrated essay requires a written answer to a passage from a textbook and a lecture on the same subject. You have 20 minutes to complete this challenge. The autonomous essay requires you to express your thoughts on a well-known topic and have thirty minutes to complete it.

The Importance of TOEFL

The Importance of TOEFL

Does TOEFL matter to prove your English proficiency? YES! Every candidate worries how much their test scores will influence their chances of being accepted to their top choice university. International applicants must complete a few additional stages when applying to a top university, including English language exams like the TOEFL. 

Your TOEFL score will be used to get admittance into an English-speaking country. That is why a good score on the TOEFL exam is so important. Following are the importance of the test. 

  1. Improve your English Proficiency 

Improve your English Proficiency

Candidates who take the TOEFL improve their English proficiency and can interact and succeed in an academic setting. Taking the TOEFL test is handy since you can choose from various test sites, and you’ll have access to online practice materials to assist you in preparing for the exam. The test is unique in that it incorporates more than one language competence. Candidates who score well on the TOEFL demonstrate that they have acquired the abilities and possess the necessary qualifications to pursue further education in another country. TOEFL is a valuable tool for identifying areas of weakness and brushing up on critical communication skills.

  1. Go Anywhere with TOEFL

Go anywhere with TOEFL

If you’re an overseas student applying to institutions in a country where English is the primary language, you’ll almost certainly be required to take the TOEFL.

Nine thousand universities accept TOEFL results in 130 countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. The TOEFL is accepted by all of the world’s top 100 colleges. If you want to enter an English-language institution, TOEFL scores are likely required or received by your school of choice. This means that since TOEFL is accepted worldwide, you have a wide selection of where you want to go for your studies. 

  1. Other purposes of the TOEFL test

Other purposes of the TOEFL test

The TOEFL is primarily designed for students who want to study at an English-speaking university or graduate school. However, the TOEFL can be used for a variety of objectives as well, which includes:

  • Students including those enrolled in two-year community college entering a high education in a country where English is the native language.
  • Individuals who want to get a license or certificate in a specific field. 
  • Those who desire an official assessment of their English language skills. 

Before applying, make sure to check the admission requirements for your selected university or institution to determine if TOEFL scores are required for admittance. If that’s the case, the next step is to locate a testing center where you may take your exam. Remember that Bhutan TOEFL is the next best thing for taking an English proficiency test. A record of your TOEFL results only lasts for two years, so make the most of the duration and money you put into it to improve your future possibilities.


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