How to get a High TOEFL Speaking Score

TOEFL conducted by the ETS

Educational Testing Service conducts the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) (ETS). This test is taken by non-native English speakers who aspire to attend overseas universities. The results of the test are also recognized for visas, certification, scholarships, and immigration. Many prestigious colleges have accepted TOEFL across the world for a long time.

Is TOEFL important to prove your English Proficiency? YES! The test provides you with the chance of being accepted to your top choice university. In the TOEFL test, candidates are evaluated on their ability to communicate effectively in English through oral and written communication. The test takes around three hours to give, and the bulk of questions are multiple-choice. 

Passages and questions are representative of what you’ll experience when studying abroad in each area. So, the test prepares you for a better understanding of your level of English proficiency, and it is important to score in TOEFL speaking.

TOEFL Speaking

TOEFL Speaking 

There are four tasks to complete in the TOEFL Speaking part, with a total time limit of 17 minutes. The TOEFL speaking section is a real challenge, especially if you are not used to speaking English in your everyday life. Following are some useful tips to improve TOEFL speaking:

  1. Know the Type of Speaking Task

Types of speaking tasks

First, review the test format to know what you’ll need to accomplish on exam day. But, more importantly, by looking at the format of the speaking test, you may begin to consider the best method to prepare for it to score in TOEFL speaking.

You will be given a task in which you must express your viewpoint and another work in which you must express another individual’s opinion.

You can prepare for the work if you are aware of it. It would be best if you first prepared the language that you will need for each task. Remember that while discussing your own opinion, you will require different terminology than when discussing another person’s opinion. TOEFL speaking assignment has a very short time restriction; you will not have enough time to think about what the task is about and what the task asks you to accomplish. You must be aware of this before beginning your exam so that when you receive the task, you are fully aware of its nature and know what to accomplish. This is critical if you want to earn a good score.

  1. Use Speaking Templates

TOEFL Speaking Templates 

Using a template is crucial since you don’t have to worry about what you’ll say in the actual test. Because if you remember a template, you’ll already know how to start your phrases in the speaking portion. You won’t have to think much about what to say since it will already be in your head, which is a huge benefit.

Templates assist you in utilizing linking words to clarify what you want to convey. This also demonstrates that you have a large vocabulary and know how to utilize it effectively. Templates help you arrange your answers, and you must answer the problem in TOEFL Speaking systematically since this is what you will be graded.

If the listener understands what you want to say and your responses are well-structured, the examiner will better understand what you want to express an inturn score in TOEFL speaking.

This will make it much simpler for you to talk on the TOEFL speaking part, and thus a lot easier for you to score in TOEFL speaking.

  1. Manage Your Time

Manage your time effectively 

One of the most important aspects of TOEFL speaking is time management. To complete the assignments, you must have good time management skills. Many students make the error of not managing their time properly throughout the test. When answering each task, don’t go into too much detail. You might miss some crucial points that would have been relevant if you did this.

Keep it brief and precise, providing only the required information, then move on to the next point to ensure that you get what you need to convey throughout the test.

  1. Speak Loud Enough

Speak loud and clear

This is something you should not overlook. You receive points in TOEFL speaking for how you speak English, the pronunciation, vocabulary, and linking words, but another essential factor is that you must speak loudly enough for the examiner to comprehend what you are saying.

It would be a shame if you spoke really effectively and then didn’t earn the points because the examiner couldn’t understand you since you didn’t talk loudly enough. Try speaking a little louder than you normally would.

The tips mentioned above will greatly help you improve TOEFL speaking and the score on TOEFL speaking test. The only method to enhance your foreign language speaking abilities is to practice speaking. Remember that TOEFL Speaking is only a test of your ability to communicate in English. The more you practice speaking English and responding to TOEFL Speaking section questions, you will progress faster. 


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