How to get High TOEFL Writing Score

How to get high TOEFL Writing score

Writing is a life skill because it is how people assess your learning, values, thoughts, and English language proficiency. Your writing abilities influence whether or not you create the desired emotion from your reader. The efficiency of your communication can have an impact on your TOEFL score.

To write effectively, you must organize your thoughts, clarify your arguments, offer supporting facts, and guide your reader to a common conclusion. Writing allows you to recall events from the past, explain a unique experience, or sell a vision. You rely on critical thinking in your conceptualization, clear articulation through word choice and organization, and effective knowledge sharing through writing for the examiner. TOEFL writing practice allows you to use the transformational power of the written word to score high on your actual test effectively. 

Good writing is written with how the reader would take the information in mind. Skilled writing elicits a reaction from the reader by stimulating thinking, eliciting emotion, and motivating action. It’s the reason TOEFL writing practice helps score better.

Tips for scoring high on TOEFL writing 

Tips for scoring high on your TOEFL writing test

Following are the important TOEFL writing tips that will help you score better in your test:

  1. Use Linking Words

Use linking words

The first step in TOEFL writing practice is to use linking words. Linking words and phrases are applied to demonstrate links between concepts. They can be used to link two or more phrases or clauses together. Linking words can be helpful to connect concepts, contrast them, or demonstrate the reason behind something.

Linking words, also known as linking words, are used to integrate two distinct ideas into a single phrase. Each section of the final phase is referred to as a clause. A clause is a sentence component that includes a subject and a verb. Some commonly used linking words includes:

  • In spite of/despite.
  • Although/even though.
  • Even if.
  • In case.
  • So that.
  • Whatever.
  • Whereas.
  1. Paraphrase Your Sentences

Learn to paraphrase your sentences 

In TOEFL writing, it is typically preferable to paraphrase rather than quote since it demonstrates that you have studied the source and makes your work more original. You should also avoid using terminology too close to the original and write it to be easy to understand. 

Make your language as versatile as necessary. Learning a range of synonyms will be quite beneficial since you will not have to repeat any terms. 

  • Try to use synonyms, change the sentence structure form.  
  • Change the verb to make that agent the subject of the sentence. You may need to deduce the agent from the context provided by the surrounding phrases.
  • Distinct the material into separate sentences.
  1. Use Conditional Sentences

Use Conditional Sentences

As most of us know from experience, Conditional forms in English can be quite challenging for second language learners. They are not only grammatically and intellectually sophisticated, but they also appear in a variety of forms. However, understanding these forms may be quite beneficial, especially for TOEFL writing tips.

Using first and second conditional sentences, with independent and subordinate clauses, is one method to exhibit ‘excellent’ grammar while effectively supporting the written arguments. 

The writing portion is an excellent chance to demonstrate your writing abilities, and conditional sentences are an excellent method to do so. Conditional sentences demonstrate your ability to deal with increasingly complicated sentence structures. It is suggested that you employ at least two of them in the second half of the writing section.

  1. Use Different Tenses

Learn to use different tenses 

Demonstrate to the examiner that you can write using different tenses. When taking the test, you may forget to utilize the proper tense; thus, incorporate the different tenses in your practice essays. Doing this will help you write more effectively when taking the actual test. 

  • Determine which writing tenses might be most appropriate practice writing.
  • When combining tenses, try not to lose clarity.
  • Rewrite paragraphs in different tenses to practice.
  • Strengthen your vocabulary. A good active vocabulary is required to explain oneself clearly.
  • Learn how to spell correctly. You must be able to spell the words and avoid making any silly mistakes accurately.
  • Regular reading is essential. People frequently argue that reading is the greatest way to learn to write.
  1. Proofread Your Sentences

Proofread your sentences to improve 

Finally, when you practice, the best TOEFL writing tips are to look for spelling errors, subject-verb agreement errors (he do/does), and other errors you are prone to make as an individual. Each student makes various faults; therefore, it’s ideal for practicing with someone to analyze your writing while studying for the TOEFL to determine which errors you frequently make.Doing this will help you understand better what parts you need to improve on because most of the time, we don’t realize our mistakes. 

Remember that the you should also enjoy when you write. Writing is a serious business when its impact is important.  Also, write for fun, taking pleasure in a turn of phrase, a touch of humor, and wordplay. Writing skills and its process will then come naturally to you. Whenever you write your anything, you should experience a feeling of accomplishment.

So there you go, TOEFL writing tips to help you in your test. Remember that writing should be a pleasurable experience for you. Writing is important if you want to do well on your TOEFL exam. You can also write for enjoyment, enjoying a clever turn of phrase, a sense of humor, and wordplay. The ability to write will then come freely to you. When you practice writing or even take your actual test, you should feel a sense of achievement.

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