Kick-off your Digital Marketing career in Bhutan

Kick-off your digital marketing career in Bhutan

Graduates of yesterday, if they stop learning today, they will be uneducated tomorrow. Are you ready to learn new things every day? Conventional methods of life are digitizing with modern, sophisticated technologies in the era of industrial revolution 4.0. People need to adapt to this digital world that aids our life. 

Businesses are a vital aspect of the economy, while an advertisement is a catalyst to boost the business. Researchers say digital marketing ensures job security, so people with no experience can venture into this field. Let’s look into the digital marketing career in Bhutan.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the key to marketing, branding, and sales.

Digital marketing is the means of ad delivery over the network for marketing, branding, and sales. It is gradually replacing conventional marketing methods such as television ads, radio ads, newspaper, and door to door marketing. Digital marketing enables the business to reach a wider potential audience and generate more sales. Digital marketing has various categories such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay per click (PPC), Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, etc. Specialization in any of these fields pays you a handsome amount.

Why choose a digital marketing career in Bhutan?

A government job is not only a survival option.

Did you analyze why the unemployment rate in Bhutan is hiking annually? Most of the Bhutanese graduates take the Royal civil service commission (RCSC) exam for the limited slot of government jobs. Only countable numbers of students are selected, and every private sector demands years of job experience. A digital marketing career is one of the most secure jobs in Bhutan. Following are the reasons to choose a digital marketing career.

1. Digital Marketers are in high demand

Be a digital marketing consultant or promote the existing business.

Research shows a considerable gap between the demand (59%) and supply (19%) of digital marketing experts. Learning an in-demand skill secures your job. Digital Marketing in Bhutan is new, and there are lots of opportunities as a freelancer or associate with renowned companies.

2. Higher Growth Prospects

Digital marketing is the catalyst to the digital economy.

The digital economy is growing faster, requiring lots of people with digital marketing skills in the future. Businesses are adapting to digital marketing as it helps them reach a wider audience and generate more revenue. 

3. Promote the existing business or start a new one

Pioneer digital marketing skills and set up an online business.

Professional digital marketers have good knowledge of various online tools and platforms. Own websites, generate products and market them to potential customers. Learning digital marketing is imperative for entrepreneurs to reduce the costs of their business. 

Pioneer digital marketing skills, set up an online business, run ad campaigns, and develop content strategies for the companies or be the digital marketing consultant and freelancer.

Note** only trained digital marketing professionals can do this. 

4. Financial freedom

Digital marketing is the key to financial freedom.

Digital marketing professionals get better positions in the organization. They earn around Nu. 500000 to Nu.1000000 per annum. Social Media Managers also make around Nu.60000o per year. Isn’t this pay scale incredible? 

5. Easy career start

You don’t need a master’s degree to venture into a digital marketing career.

Digital marketer needs the right mentor and massive practice to master the essential skills of online marketing techniques. You don’t need a master’s degree to venture into this career, unlike engineers or doctors. You have more comprehensive digital marketing libraries and community for reference and assistance. Digital marketing is the right choice for an instant stable career.

6. Advancement and adaptation

Digital marketers must adapt to search engine updates.

The internet or search engine protocols change over time. Digital marketers are the first to understand and adapt to it. They get the opportunity to learn new marketing techniques. Digital marketing is a novel field with a variety of marketing platforms.

7. Creativity and technicality

Creativity and technicality favor the skills of digital marketing strategies.

A unique combination of creativity and technicality favors the skills of digital marketing strategies. You will be creative in writing attention-grabbing headlines for ad campaigns, and you can quickly analyze the performance of the ads. Digital marketing is an extensive section, and each requires a unique skill set. For example, a Content writer writes a great blog while the social media manager runs suitable promoted ads.

How to start a digital marketing career in Bhutan?

Chundu Training Institute offers comprehensive digital marketing training placement.

There are limited digital marketing professionals in Bhutan. You can join the digital marketing training and placement program initiated by the Chundu Training Institute to kickstart Bhutan’s digital marketing two-month career. No experience is needed, and the highly qualified digital marketing professionals will train you for two months. You may be surprised that you get a job after the training in Blue Dragon Digital Marketing – the first digital marketing company in Bhutan. You will be capable of starting your own company or promoting the existing businesses as a freelancer.

Who is Blue Dragon Digital Marketing?

1st full-time digital marketing firm in Bhutan

Blue Dragon Digital Marketing is the leading comprehensive digital marketing firm in Bhutan. Professional digital marketers’ team provides a simple results-driven approach in all online platforms: content marketing, blogging, social media management, and email marketing services.

Are you eligible to become a digital marketer?

 Anyone can be a digital marketer: entrepreneurs, corporate workers, or fresh graduates.

Higher education is good, but not everyone is fortunate to go to a university and secure a government job. There is much-specialized training, and digital marketing is a unique skill set to block a promising career. In the digital marketing world, you need a good mentor and lots of trial and error to figure out the best strategies. Anyone can be a digital marketer: entrepreneurs, corporate workers, or fresh graduates.

Wrap Up

Digital Marketing- ads delivery over the network

Digital marketing is the promotion of products and services over the network. As businesses gradually adapt to the digital world, professional marketers’ demand is at the peak. A digital marketing career is an opportunity for everyone before their interest.

Are you ready to kick off your digital marketing career in Bhutan?

Chundu Training Institute offers a two-month comprehensive digital marketing course and guaranteed employment in Blue Dragon Digital Marketing, Bhutan’s first FDI Digital Company based at the Thimphu Tech Park. 


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