Technical training institute in Thimphu.

TTI- the center of excellence in developing skills 

Introduction to TTI (Technical Training Institute) Thimphu.

With the rise in numbers of students dropping off from schools and the increasing rates of unemployed youths in Thimphu, Technical Training Institute was established in the year 2008 with an aim of delivering  automobiles related training. The institute offers courses on various trades and at the end of the course, the trainees will be assessed and certified by the Department of Occupational Standard, the trainees will also be given the National Certificate level 2 and 3 by the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources(MoLHR).

Nomenclature of the institute 

Skilled based knowledge in automobiles 

Initially the  institute was named as the Automobile Repair and Training Centre(ARTC) under the administration of National Technical Training Authority. Later they renamed the institute as  Thimphu Institute of Automobile Engineering (TAIE). Today, under the direct administration of the Department of Technical Education, it is known as Technical Training Institute that focuses to act as a model auto workshop which enhances the quality of services through effective and efficient repairing skills and also to meet the emerging manpower needs of the auto repair industry. 

Technical Training Institute’s Mission and vision 

Socially responsible institute 

As written earlier, the Technical Training Institute acts as a model auto workshop in Thimphu, Bhutan and with that their vision is to be the center of excellence in developing skilled automobile Technicians. They emphasize on giving job opportunities to the unemployed youths and, in accordance to that, their mission is to be a socially responsible institute that maximizes the knowledge and skill of the individuals to meet the needs of the community in the country by providing lifelong quality driven training and education in automobile technology. The institute is an example for excellence in putting forth quality driven training and education for a lifetime who never fails to enlarge the knowledge and skills of an individual. They are one of the best training institutes in Bhutan.

Courses that TTI(Technical Training Institute) provide.

Excels both in practical and theory

The Technical Training Institute provides three different courses: automobile, panel beating, refrigerator and air conditioning for both National Level Certificate two and three. The duration of the course ranges from six months to two years.  The class is conducted in institute and industry to gain both theoretical and practical experiences. On completion of the course, you will be offered ample job opportunities and remunerated highly because of your skills. There aren’t many training institutes in Bhutan who teach the panel beating course so upon completion of the course, you will be directly employed. 

Is this institute of any value to your future?

Guarantees ample  job opportunities for you!

With the development of the country and the advancement of automobiles, this institute is one of the best institutes to provide you with skills and knowledge which will also be beneficial for your future. Just after the completion of the course, you will be employed with ample opportunities in different sectors as there are many workshops due to the increasing number of cars each year. If you are interested in learning skills on automobiles and searching for technical training in Bhutan, then this technical institute is the best one for you.


This training institute in Bhutan mainly focuses on enhancing skills and knowledge. It is among the best training institutes in Bhutan which emphasize on school dropout youths and decrease the unemployment rates in Bhutan. They provide expertise in different sectors and various courses. This institute doesn’t only master particle work  but also maintains theory classes so that you will excel in both the platforms. 

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 Apply now to the Technical Training Institute  and get skilled in automobiles.

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