Top 10 Digital Marketing Jobs For Freshers in 2022

Digital marketing jobs for freshers in 2022

Most businesses in Bhutan are implementing digital marketing strategies to sell their products. 

The demand for digital marketing experts is very high because only a few experts are available. And the number of available digital marketing jobs is also continuously expanding.

Although there are many digital marketing jobs, it may be hard to land one without any digital marketing skills. Recruiters are always looking for someone with skills and experience. 

If you want to win one of the digital marketing jobs, it doesn’t matter whether you have studied animals, plants, or galaxies during your college days! 

You can consult online mentors or join training institutes to develop digital skills in Thimphu. 

First, check out the top 10 digital marketing jobs available in Bhutan so you can streamline what digital marketing position you would like to take after the training. 

This information will be useful for you to establish a successful career in the field. Let’s look at digital marketing jobs for freshers in 2022.

1. Digital Marketing Executive

Digital Marketing Executive

A digital marketing executive does one of the most important digital marketing jobs at a firm. This digital marketing position is in charge of a company’s online presence. 

You will promote a company’s products or services through various digital platforms for this role. 

You must have comprehensive knowledge about all digital marketing aspects to produce revenue for the organization to be considered for this position.

Skills required to be a digital marketing executive;

  • Strong verbal and writing communication skills are essential to land a position in this sector.
  • The ability to think creatively to come up with fresh and inventive concepts.
  • IT and analytical skills.
  • Skills in networking.
  • Understanding of digital platforms.

Key responsibilities of a digital marketing executive;

  • Plan and maintain the brand’s online presence across all platforms.
  • Assist with planning and executing online marketing to raise brand recognition and create leads.
  • Use a Web analytics tool to track and report on the success of all digital marketing operations.
  • Update latest techniques to reflect current digital trends.
  • Maintain relationships with agencies and other vendors.

2. Social Media Marketing Executive

Social Media Marketing Executive

Social media is crucial for any business to promote content, gain clients and improve sales.

A social media marketing executive is one of the highest-paid digital marketing jobs in the field. However, it comes with an important role for a firm. 

The marketing executive is accountable for a company’s comprehensive social media strategy. 

As a social media marketing executive, you should oversee content for social media campaigns to ensure favorable interaction and high-quality content. You will also collaborate closely with the marketing and public relations departments. 

Skills required to be a social media marketing executive;

  • Tactful and diplomatic communication skills.
  • Innovative and creative mindset.
  • Comprehensive writing skills for social media campaigns.
  • Management and analytical skills.
  • The latest information to produce social media posts.
  • Networking skills.

Key responsibilities of a social media marketing executive;

  • Manage all social media accounts for a company or a client.
  • Plan and execute social media marketing campaigns.
  • Come up with engaging and unique content for the brand.
  • Create awareness and promote brand awareness.
  • Explore various social media platforms for profit.

3. Content Marketing Executive 

Content Marketing Executive

Content marketing is a strategy for attracting, retaining, and engaging audiences through relevant articles, videos, podcasts, and other material.

It entails developing and disseminating content through various digital platforms. 

A content marketing executive is one of the core digital marketing jobs for a firm to scale up and improve.

As a content marketing executive, you will manage a brand’s content to boost awareness and revenue. 

Skills required to be a content marketing executive;

  • Strategic planning skills.
  • Data analytics and research skills.
  • Comprehensive copywriting skills.
  • Content production, editing, and publishing skills.
  • Project management skills.
  • Understand SEO.

Key responsibilities of a content marketing executive;

  • Analyze both on-site and off-site scenarios.
  • Do thorough keywords research to increase website traffic.
  • Assist in creating high-quality SEO-friendly content.
  • Develop and implement link-building initiatives.

4. Email Marketing Executive 

Email Marketing Executive

The main goal of an email marketing executive is to notify customers about new products or company events via email campaigns. 

To be eligible for this position, you must have prior experience with HTML and marketing automation software.

Furthermore, you must have comprehensive writing and communication skills. This is one of the world’s highest-paying digital marketing jobs.

Skills required to be an email marketing executive;

  • Must understand HTML, SEO, SEM, and Google Analytics.
  • Data analysis and database management skills.
  • Copywriting, communication, and project management skills.

Key responsibilities of an email marketing executive;

  • Determine and maintain a database for the target audience.
  • Plan and execute email marketing campaigns.
  • Generate income reports on your email marketing initiatives.

5. Search Engine Optimization Executive 

Search Engine Optimization Executive

Search engine optimization executive is a technical digital marketing job ideal for individuals with excellent analytical skills. 

The primary goal of an SEO executive is to improve a website’s traffic and get it to rank on Google’s first page. 

SEO is a constantly changing field, so you must be ready to learn new things regularly as an SEO specialist. 

Skills required to be a search engine optimization executive;

  • Understanding and knowledge of the entire SEO process and how it works.
  • Understanding of various social media platforms.
  • Comprehensive technical skills.

Key responsibilities of a search engine optimization executive;

  • On-site and off-site competitor analysis.
  • Compile performance reports using Google Analytics.
  • Collaborate with the content team to develop timely and unique content.
  • Conduct a thorough keyword search and work on blogs regularly.
  • Maintaining current SEO strategies and methods.
  • Pay close attention to the changes in the Google algorithm.

6. Search Engine Marketing Executive

SEM Executive

A search engine marketing executive plays a vital role in managing paid ads on search engines and display networks. 

This digital marketing position requires individuals to have excellent mathematical and analytical skills.

The position also requires technical skills, such as a basic understanding of code and website design principles.

SEM specialists are one of the highly paid digital marketing jobs in the digital marketing industry. 

Skills required to be a search engine marketing executive;

  • Experience in SEO marketing.
  • Understanding search engine algorithms and ranking methodologies.
  • Well-versed with Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics.
  • Keyword knowledge.
  • Must know data mining tools.
  • Writing and communication skills.
  • Marketing experience.

Key responsibilities of a search engine marketing executive;

  • Create search engine marketing to maximize your return on investment (ROI).
  • Organize paid ad campaign’s budget.
  • Create well-optimized landing pages for paid marketing initiatives.
  • Measure, analyze and report on campaign efforts.
  • Analyze and understand competitors’ approaches.

7. Web Development Executive

Web Development Executive

A web developer or a web development executive is responsible for the appearance and working of a company’s website. 

As one of the most expensive digital marketing jobs, applying for a web development executive requires considerable programming languages ​​and database skills such as HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). 

Skills required to be a web development executive;

  • Comprehensive IT skills.
  • Creative mindset.
  • Knowledge of technical issues.
  • Technological and coding skills.
  • Understanding of the web server and software development.

Key responsibilities of a web development executive;

  • Build a website user interface using standard programming languages.
  • Improve the website based on technical requirements.
  • Create and maintain software documentation.
  • Develop Application Programming Interface (API).

8. Content Strategists

Content Strategist

The principal role of a content strategist is to plan, develop, and manage content based on the business goals of the company/client and the needs of the end-user. 

Creative experts oversee content requests and create a content strategy that works throughout the project or a campaign. 

Skills required to be a content strategist;

  • WordPress familiarity and knowledge of content management systems.
  • Knowledge of online publishing and HTML.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and keyword research skills.
  • Understanding of social media platforms.
  • Comprehensive writing skills.

Key responsibilities of a content strategist;

  • Schedule and publish articles on time.
  • Build a portfolio of published articles.
  • Assigning blogs to writers and guiding them to write better.
  • Identify new and engaging topics.
  • Proofreading and editing articles before publishing.
  • Conduct keyword and SEO research.
  • Monitor site traffic and web engagement.

9. BOT Developer 

BOT Developer

A BOT developer can create an automated BOT interface for customers’ actions on a website. 

As a BOT developer, you should construct payment interfaces that accept payments automatically. 

You should also be able to construct online Chat BOTs that receive user comments and automate the customization of your web screen platforms. 

Skills required to be a BOT developer;

  • Machine learning, NodeJS, SQL, and graph databases skills.
  • Language programming knowledge.
  • Dataset (text, photos, and logos) skills.
  • Algorithm knowledge in e-commerce and advertising.

Key responsibilities of a BOT developer;

  • Design Chatbots.
  • Collaborate on application design and decision-making with diverse teams.
  • Create and analyze data and define questions for BOT.
  • Generate answers for BOTs to provide a good user experience.
  • Create internal testing software.

10. Digital Data Analyst 

Digital Data Analyst

A digital data analyst is an information analyst who deals with the data associated with an organization’s virtual media. 

Digital data analysts generally examine facts and results from online advertising, social media, Google Ads, content, etc. 

An analyst can then interpret digital data to track traffic, leads, conversions, and different crucial metrics.

Skills required to be a digital data analyst;

  • Analytical skills.
  • Critical thinking and decision making skills.
  • Data visualization skills.
  • Competent in Microsoft application operations.
  • Understanding of diverse digital tools and social media platforms.

Key responsibilities of a digital data analyst;

  • Analyze and interpret complex data into easily readable data.
  • Provide a coherent description of the analyzed data.
  • Examine the key performance indicator and marketing campaigns.
  • Develop presentations and make recommendations.

These are the top 10 digital marketing jobs available in 2022 for freshers. However, you must have experience or train in specific fields to become an expert and secure the position. 

Don’t worry about not getting a job! Once you have the digital marketing skills, it will never be a waste in this digital marketing era.

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