What is the Department of  Technical Education?

Different activities at zorig chusum, Thimphu.

The Department of Technical Education was officially launched on 20th April 2017. It was previously known as the Department of Human resources under  The Ministry of Labour and human resource.The Ministry of Labour and Human Resources (MoLHR) and, in particular, the Department of Technical Education (DTE), is in charge of modulating all aspects of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and Human Resources Development (HRD) in Bhutan, for both the private and corporate sectors.

Objectives of the Department of Technical Education.

Vision and mission of DTE.

This department plays a very vital role in the development of a skilled, productive and professional workforce that drives the country’s socio economic development. Almost all of the activities and programs are mainly focused around broad objectives of developing and implementing a national TVET system and HRD of the private and corporate sectors in Bhutan.

The main objectives of DTE are:

1. The department of Technical Education develops and implements a national TVET system that responds directly to employment opportunities, economic growth and foster technological development.

2. It provides access to vocational training and skills development opportunities for all, through its vocational training institutes, skills development programs and apprenticeship training programs. DTE is responsible for allocating policy directives and guidelines to all or any vocational or skills development programs conducted by other agencies or private training providers.

3.This department is also in charge of generating National Human Resource Policies, Human Resource Development planning, and forecasting, as well as developing and effectuating corporate and private sector human resource development master plans.

Different divisions of DTE and their functions.

Different divisions of DTE.

DTE is divided into three divisions viz. Vocational Education and Training division, Training and Professional Services Division and Human Resources Division.

1) Vocational Education and Training Division

This division is in charge of the Human Resources Departments of technical training institutes and the Zorig Chusum Institutes. It runs a variety of short-term training programs for school dropouts in prime economic sectors. It also surveil & evaluates public TVET institutes and all TVET programs by developing advocacy strategies or materials and conducts all forms of advocacy to promote the development and participation in the TVET programs.

2) Training and Professional Services Division

This division is responsible for building the capacity of the instructors or trainers (from both Public and Private Institutes) through the implementation of various Training of Trainers in Pedagogy and Curriculum writing. It also conducts capacity building programs in development of learning materials and organizes other skills up-gradation programs by reveiwing and validating existing curricula for various training programs to keep pace with changing market needs and standards. This division conducts research and evaluation to improve the vocational education and training system in the country.

3) Human Resources Development Division

  • The Human Resources Development division facilitates & coordinates the implementation of National Human Resources Development policy by Providing executive services in terms of forecasting and planning to the various HRD agencies and sectors through: firstly by development of National Human Resource Development Road map in accordance with the economic development policy and secondly the HRD planning directions in the medium term through the development of HRD advisory series. It also conducts research on HRD issues and trends.This division is also in charge of examining and recommending proposals for the formation of new training institutes in Bhutan, in accordance with its rules and regulations.

Institutions under DTE

Different institutions under DTE.

  • Through its six Technical Training Institutes (TTIs) and two Institutes for Zorig Chusum (zo = ability to make; rig = science or craft; chusum = thirteen), the Department of Technical Education has been executing TVET programs for out-of-school youths.It also offers possibilities for skill development through a variety of different types of training in its institutes and through partnerships with private training providers. In addition, this agency has implemented skill-upgrading and fellowship programs for in-service employees in Bhutan’s private and corporate sectors.


Since its inception, the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources’ Department of Technical Education has established a variety of training and programs that have aided in the development of students’ abilities and talents, providing them with a variety of possibilities and ways to earn a living.

For more information on registration and various courses and training please kindly visit https://www.molhr.gov.bt/molhr/?page_id=30  

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