What is video-based learning?

Video-Based Learning Content

video-based learning is a form of eLearning that enables audiences to acquire skills and knowledge through video. Businesses use educational videos in a variety of situations, from hiring to reinforcement to reviewing your knowledge Employees in certain cases fields.

The benefits of video-Based learning.

Here are few reasons to consider video-based learning for your learner


Videos encourage multi-sensory learning as a result of they’ll involve text, moving images, and sound. It encourages them to better understand the concepts and think deeply. Learners can watch each step repeatedly until they are sure they are doing it themselves.


Not all Learners choose to study on desktops or laptops. Many learners choose to study other devices. Your viewers can view the video on their phones or tablets at any time.


Videos can be accessed anytime, anywhere. You don’t have to gather your learner in one location to train them. This will save you a lot of money on travel and accommodation, making it available online and your learner can use it if necessary.

Type of video-based learning.

5 Styles of Video-Based Learning 

1. Video-based Presentation

Today, we have easy-to-use tools that can use plain text, image transitions, animation styles, typography, etc. to create videos. These can be changed as needed.

2.Live Video Feeds

The videos where instructors explaining the concept support animation and interactive question and answer sessions to make them more interesting and engaging. The positive thing about these videos is that they help learners better understand concepts.

3.Explainer Videos

The Explainer video can be fully animated, such as a slideshow, real-time video, or a combination of different types. These videos can be used to introduce you to how to use the application or to understand complex things such as repairing devices. They have a great influence on training.

4.Learning Nuggets 

A bite-sized video of 1-3 minutes has been seen as an effective way to attract the attention of millennials.

5.Interactive Videos

Interactive video is the latest product in video tutorials and is considered the new age of e-learning.

5 Essentials Of Video-Based Learning.

creating engaging video-based learning with 5 essentials

1.Objective Ready. 

Clarify your goals and objectives in the video. Before setting these goals, take some time to think about what the learners will achieve by the end of the video. Clearly defined goals will make the learning process easier. 

2.Keep It Short & Simple

The keep it short and simple rule is very effective when you have pre-defined goals. The length of the video should not be too long and a short video will keep the audiences engaged. If the modules are extensive, you can consider making a mini-video on the subject to reduce the cognitive burden. Keep the balance between text and images; users should not feel pressured by seeing too much text and few images.

3.The Magic Of Voiceover

Voiceovers are a great way to increase video engagement-you can even use voice scripts to guide learners. Use voice-over to support the visual elements in the video and make learning easier. In addition, students can listen to the audio while participating in other activities that require their attendance.


If there is a language barrier, please include subtitles. They can be very effective when your audience is located in a different geographic area. In addition, subtitles are useful for audiences with hearing disabilities, they can easily complete the course by viewing the subtitles. You can set English as the universal language and enable subtitles accordingly. Some e-learning video creation tools also support multiple languages.

5. Interactive Videos

when learners interact with the video, it becomes a two-way learning process, increasing their confidence and understanding. You can add interactive elements to your video or use interactive video templates directly with tools such as Raptivity that will make the video more attractive.

Video-based learning is a form of eLearning that allows its audience to acquire skills and gain knowledge via video. It encourages them to understand the concepts better and think deeply. The essential of video-based learning it makes the video more attractive for any learner.

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