TOEFL Countries

Which TOEFL Countries Are The Best?

TOEFL Countries
Which TOEFL countries are the best for you?

You are probably aware that if you want to become an international student and apply to an English-taught program overseas for studies, you must demonstrate a strong command of the English language.

One way to do so is by choosing one of the TOEFL countries and taking the test. Popular TOEFL countries include the U.S, Australia, and the U.K.

More than a million international students attend colleges and universities in these TOEFL countries yearly. 

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This blog will go over TOEFL countries that accept TOEFL certificates and everything you need to know about TOEFL.

About TOEFL 

What is TOEFL?

TOEFL is a standardized test that assesses your English proficiency and ability to communicate in English per a university or college requirement. 

TOEFL countries usually only send offer letters to students with high scores. 

However, the test can be used for various objectives, including applying for a student visa, attending high school, and taking a short course or exchange program.

The TOEFL iBT test, which you take online, and the updated TOEFL paper-delivered Test, which you take on paper, are the two types of TOEFL tests you can apply for to study in one of the TOEFL countries. 

There are more TOEFL iBT centers (including Bhutan) than TOEFL PBT (Paper Based Test) centers because the paper test is only available in places where internet testing is unavailable.

TOEFL Countries That Accept The TOEFL Certificate

The TOEFL Certificate
TOEFL Countries certification

The TOEFL countries listed below represent the most up-to-date information on the TOEFL scores required to be enrolled in their colleges and universities. 

You can see your preferred list of TOEFL countries by looking at the information below. 

This section includes a comprehensive list of TOEFL countries that accept this score.

Universities in the United States Accepting TOEFL Score:

 The U.S  is one of the most popular study destinations among other TOEFL countries. 

Here is a list of US-based academies that recognize TOEFL scores:

Name Of The University/CollegeAverage TOEFL Score
Harvard UniversityScore differs as per the field of study
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)100
Princeton University108
Chicago University 100 and above
Stanford University99 – 100

Universities in the United Kingdom Accepting TOEFL Score:

Here is a detailed list of the United Kingdom institutions accepting TOEFL Score:

Name Of The University/CollegeAverage TOEFL Score
University College London100
Oxford University110
Cambridge University110
Manchester University100 
University of Leeds (UG program)83

Universities in Canada Accepting TOEFL Score:

Here is a list of institutions that accept the TOEFL certificates in Canada:

Name Of The University/CollegeAverage TOEFL Score
Ottawa University100
Alberta University100 UG and Graduate 100
McMaster University86 UG and Graduate 92
University of British Columbia90
University of Toronto110

Australian Institutions Accepting TOEFL Score:

Australia is another most sought after TOEFL countries among others TOEFL countries. 

Here is a list of Australian universities that accept TOEFL certificates.

Name Of The University/CollegeAverage TOEFL Score
Melbourne University79
University of Sydney96
Australian National University100
Monash University94
University of Queensland87

Advantages Of Taking The TOEFL Test

Advantages Of Taking The TOEFL Test

Advantages of taking the test in TOEFL countries

Worldwide Recognition

There are 130 TOEFL countries with almost 10,000 universities that accept TOEFL scores to measure your English proficiency level. 

This means that the TOEFL test will be useful wherever you apply, and you won’t have to worry about your language skills after taking the exam if you go on exchange programs or switch colleges abroad. 

You should, however, double-check that the university you want to attend is not one of the exceptions that refuse to accept the test.

Easy To Book A Test Date

You can schedule a TOEFL test online from anywhere in the world. 

Furthermore, you can find test centers even in Bhutan, which is something that not all other test providers can provide. 

You are also not bound by a strict schedule because the TOEFL iBT test is offered 50 times yearly. 

Free Learning Materials Available Online

There are numerous online tools available to assist you in your preparation, some of which are free. 

A short Google search will turn up many exercises, books, videos, and online courses, including those supplied by ETS, the organization that administers the TOEFL.

Offers A Detailed Assessment

It’s not just about correct or incorrect answers during exams but also about how well versed you are in English. 

The speaking portion of the test, for example, is scored more strictly because it is evaluated by three to four mentors rather than a single interviewer. 

Which Country Requires The Best TOEFL Scores?

Which Country Requires The Best TOEFL Scores
TOEFL Countries certification

Canada has the highest TOEFL requirements compared to the other two popular TOEFL countires.

Canadian universities require a minimum score of 90 for an internet-based exam.

USA Universities require a minimum score of 68 for internet-based exam.

Australian Universities require a minimum score of 80 for undergraduate studies with at least 20 in Writing. 

Knowing this can assist you in planning your study and determining your desired score.

Furthermore, several factors play a role in determining whether a country, territory, or group of English language speakers will have strong TOEFL scores on average. 

You can try to improve your TOEFL scores by practicing more if you understand why your average TOEFL score is what it is.

Alternatively, if you score a high TOEFL score, you can use your ability to get into the most renowned universities worldwide. 

There are few TOEFL countries where scores may differ, but it is always best to opt for higher marks as much as possible. 

What Is The Average TOEFL Score Overall?

While the tables above provide TOEFL Countries with approximate scores, you might be curious about the average TOEFL score for all TOEFL exams completed in 2022.

The average TOEFL score for undergraduates in 2022 is 86, with a 22 in reading and listening and a 21 in writing and speaking. 

The average score for graduate-level in these TOEFL Countries is higher. 

The average score is 90, with 23 points in reading and listening and 22 points in speaking and writing.

What Is The Highest Score You Can Get On The TOEFL?

For undergraduate and graduate-level test-takers, a TOEFL score of 92 is above-average. 

The TOEFL is graded on a scale of 0-120, with 120 being the best possible result. For someone whose first language is English, that would be quite an achievement. 

So as per the list mentioned above, students can now determine which TOEFL Countries they are interested in and study for the TOEFL test accordingly. 

You can now begin making the necessary preparations as per your study destination. However, keep in mind that the score requirements for each country differ from university to university.

You should also keep track of whether or not your chosen university has a minimum score requirement. This will help you in gaining admissions and achieving the required score or more. 

You can contact us at Chhundu Training Institute to learn more about our TOEFL classes and take the first step toward fulfilling your ambition of studying abroad!


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