Top 5 education consultants in Bhutan

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Top 5 education consultants in Bhutan.

Pursuing higher education abroad is the dream of every individual studying in Bhutan because international education has a lot to offer. Do you want to experience learning with highly trained teachers, exposure to their cultures, amazing research opportunities, and more job availability? It is not easy to get in; you need to perform well in your academics and begin with the application process. It can be confusing, but Bhutan education consultants can make it a lot easier for you. 

Keep reading and learn about these top 5 education consultants in Bhutan that can help you make your dream come true. 

  1. Chhundu Enterprises ECPF, Global Reach 

Register with Chhundu enterprise ECPF, Global Reach and make your dream come true to study abroad. 


Global Reach gives the best services to their students and helps them excel with better academic performances.

Chhundu Enterprises ECPF, Global Reach is the top study abroad education consultancy in Bhutan that provides quality and professional services to the students. Global Reach was also awarded ‘Education Agency of The Year’ by PIE News. 

We provide career counseling as per students’ academic background, aptitude and aspirations and advise them with better career options. We also advise them on the first-hand experience by visiting international institutes. Our former students’ experiences are also considered to help the new ones with better ideas. 

  1. Universal Education Consultancy

Universal Education Consultancy brings you the best advice regarding education.


Universal Education Consultancy and Placement Firm is what you need to make yourself receive the right guidance towards pursuing higher education at an international place.

Established in 2014, Universal Education Consultancy is a well known Bhutan education consultant. We focus on giving the best information and advice to the students based on our real experiences of studying, working, and living abroad. 

We have more experience in placing students in various institutions around the globe. We give number one priority to the students and use expertise with experience to identify the most suitable institution for every student as per their choice. 

  1. Nukareer Education Consultancy and Placement Firm

Nukareer Education Consultancy and Placement Firm can make your future better.  


Nukareer Education Consultancy and Placement Firm brings you well experienced counselors. 

Nukareer Education Consultancy and Placement Firm was started in 2006. We provide opportunities for the students to pursue higher education in India, Australia, the USA, and the country. With well-experienced advisors, Nukareer Education Consultancy aims to help the students make the right education decision. 

We provide all the information on various courses to be pursued by the students, and we also give them support throughout their stay overseas. Choose us 

  1. Bhutan International Education Consultancy

Bhutan International Education Consultancy provides you with best education counseling.


Bhutan International Education Consultancy brings you the best of the best advisors and gives students as their first priority.

We are the best education consultant that you can contact to make your future bright. With the best team in hand, we aim to provide our clients the best and guaranteed performance. With this said, we are ethical in our services we provide to the students. 

To excel in our performance each day, we challenge ourselves to come out with flying colors by placing difficult questions. With the toughest questions, we also make sure to have the best alternative solutions available to the clients. We are 100% guaranteed to get you a place in an international university to make your future bright at the best price. 

We have the best reviews to prove that we are giving our clients the finest outcomes in terms of placements and the university they study in. “Delivered excellence services throughout my journey from University admission to until get the residence permit and made my dream true for studying in Australia. Even still they are supporting me by providing career counseling and so on. Thanks BIECPF for your wonderful support.” said Dechen Pelden. 

  1. Druk EduCare Education Consultancy and Placement Firm

Druk EduCare Education Consultancy and Placement Firm is here to fulfill every student’s dream to study abroad.

Planning to study abroad for better education, then Druk EduCare is the right consultant to contact. The mission to fulfill the aspiring student’s dream to study abroad in a well-known university is what we do. With the mindset to make the dreams come true, we Druk EduCare has the best contact with the renowned universities abroad to make it happen. 

We have high professionals that can assist the students in preparing for the future. The teams are skilled enough to make strong decisions regarding what course to select, which university to apply to, and easy processing of visa applications. Druk EduCare is the right firm to contact to make it successful to directly get admission to an international university abroad. Save money and time by selecting Druk EduCare firm for success.


You are now aware of these top 5 Bhutan education consultants that will help you fulfill your dream of pursuing higher studies abroad. Before you pick any of these top 5 education consultancies in Bhutan, make sure you follow these two most important points;

  1. Make sure you explore all of these top institutions and find out which education consultancy provides all the services you need. 
  2. Try to gather information from the current and previous students about the consultant. This way you will be able to know a lot more about the consultancy. 

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