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How do you score high? Simple, just get familiar with the given questions

If you plan to take the TOEFL exam to study or work abroad, you need to get familiar with their question setting. Understanding their question pattern can help you to perform well during the exam. Following are the seven types of questions that appear during the test. Attempt the related question sample for your TOEFL writing practice. 

  1. Agree or Disagree type of Questions

Agree or disagree is one of the most common questions asked for the TOEFL exam. Following are some of the probable questions that are asked during the TOEFL exam in 2021.

Question 1:Overall, the widespread usage of the internet has had a largely favorable impact on modern life. Do you agree or disagree with the statement above?

Question 2: Grades motivate pupils to put forth more effort at school. Do you agree or disagree with the statement? To back up your point of view, give concrete arguments and instances.

2. Multiple Choice Type Question

Another form of the question in the exam is a multiple-choice question. You will get a set of questions to write according to what you feel is correct. The sample is given below:

Question 1: Neighbors are persons who live closer to us. What kind of neighbor do you think is the best to have?

  • someone calm
  • someone with whom we have a lot in common
  • someone helpful

In your response, include detailed information and examples.

Question 2: Throughout our professions, we interact with a wide range of people. Each of them has its personality features and qualities. Which of the following is the most significant attribute of a coworker, in your opinion?

  • a serious approach toward their responsibilities at work
  • a desire to learn new skills
  •  the capacity to make others laugh

 You may choose more than one of these options. Use reasons and specific examples to explain your answer. Do not use memorized examples. 

3. Paired Choice Style or Preference Type Questions

Some questions talk about the choice you would make. A question generally comes with a situation involving various options. The samples are as follows:

Question 1: Some individuals like to spend their money as soon as they receive it, while others believe it is preferable to preserve it for a later day. Which one is your favorite? To back up your point of view, give concrete arguments and instances. Do not utilize examples that you have memorized.

Question 2: Some people believe that they can learn far more on their own than they can with the help of an instructor. Others believe that getting help from a qualified teacher is always preferable. Which one is your favorite? To back up your decision, give concrete arguments.

4. Description or Explanation Essay Type Questions

The following description types of questions are for TOEFL writing practice. They will help you to perform better in your TOEFL exam.

Question 1:  What would you take to an international exhibition if you had to submit just one object to represent your country? Why? Explain your decision with precise arguments and information.

Question 2: Describe a custom from your nation that you’d want to see adopted by people from other countries. Give detailed explanations and instances for your decision.

5. If Or Imagery Type of Question

Anyone appearing TOEFL Bhutan can receive a variety of such questions. Examples are given below;

Question 1: What would you alter if you could change one thing about where you live? To back up your answer, give arguments and concrete instances.

Question 2: Which type of worker would you want to recruit if you were an employer: a recent graduate with a low wage range or a senior with a large compensation range? Support your answer with precise reasoning and information.

6. Compare and Contrast Questions

Test takers for TOEFL Bhutan should expect the compare and contrast type of questions for your exam. For the TOEFL writing practice, consider attempting similar questions as shown below;

Question 1: Some young children devote a significant amount of time to sports. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of doing so. To back up your answer, give concrete arguments and instances.

Question 2: When individuals relocate to a new nation, some choose to adopt the new country’s customs. Others choose to maintain their traditions. Compare and contrast these two options. Which one is your favorite? Specific information should be used to back up your answer.

7. Integrated Questions

The type of question you will find is mixed. Get familiar with this type for your TOEFL exam. The sample questions are given below;

Question 1: Some people choose to follow the new country’s customs when they relocate. Others, on the other hand, wish to maintain their traditions. Examine the following two options. Which do you think is the better option? Give details to back up your answer.

Question 2: Would you rather study at a difficult but prestigious institution or a less difficult but mediocre university? Which do you think you’d prefer, and why?

There could be other question patterns available for the test. However, these seven types are common question patterns observed during the TOEFL exam. Get familiar with them and excel during the test. 


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