IELTS Speaking Test
The IELTS speaking test is an in-person or a virtual interview between the candidate and the examiner. With all aspects in mind, the IELTS speaking test assesses your ability to communicate in English.   
These ten tips given above are guaranteed to give you confidence on your speaking test day and help you achieve the score you desire. Given that, you should take your TOEFL speaking practice seriously and follow all the tips mentioned above.
IELTS score requirements for Canada
Canada is one of the best places for you to study and work abroad. Easier said than done - it takes some effort and time to get your Visa to Canada. You will need to fulfill every requirement before you book a flight ticket!
IELTS Reading
The above mentioned are the 13 most effective IELTS reading tips that you must incorporate. By taking the IELTS test, you will be one step closer to realizing your dream of working or studying abroad.  
Learn about the top countries and top universities that accept the TOEFL test score. All you can do is perform excellently in TOEFL, and your dream university will be right in front of your eyes. TOEFL is more convenient and more accessible. You can apply for it right now!
IELTS Speakng
If you know the following 8 points, you can tackle all the questions that the examiner throws at you. These points and tips will guarantee you a good band score of about 8 or 9. Let's get it at our fingertips!
Here are 12 of the best tips and tricks for scoring high in your IELTS exam and why it is important to prepare before appearing for the test.
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