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Finally, TOEFL in Thimphu

TOEFL is a gateway to study abroad! It stands for English as a Test of Foreign Language. For non-native speakers of English, TOEFL will help them get certified as proficient English speakers and writers to study in the best universities of Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Students pursuing higher studies need to express their listening, speaking, understanding, and writing skills in the form of a test (TOEFL). The test is mainly taken in two types, and this blog will help you understand both TOEFL types. Keep reading to understand the two types of TOEFL tests. 

2 Types of TOEFL Test

There are two main TOEFL types for students; Paper-Based (PBT) and Internet-Based Test (iBT). Read below to understand more about the two types. 

  1. TOEFL Paper-Based Test (PBT)
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Paper-Based TOEFL Test

The PBT TOEFL type is only offered in places with no internet access. As long as the internet is available in the area, students will have to take the Internet-Based Test. Some universities may not accept PBT scores, but many of them do if you have passed the test. The PBT test is scheduled for 2 hours, 20 minutes to 2 hours thirty minutes. For the given time, PBT evaluates the English proficiency of a student in four sections;

Section 1: The Listening Comprehension

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The Listening Comprehension Section

The purpose of this section is to measure the ability of students to understand spoken English. This section comes with 50 questions for students to answer within 30-40 minutes. All the questions are audio recordings of speech and lectures in a multiple-choice format. 

Section 2: The Structure and Written Expression

This section measures the ability of the students to recognize the standard written English. Students are allowed to answer 40 multiple-choice questions within 25 minutes. Questions include completing sentences with the best words and substituting underlined phrases with the most appropriate ones.

Section 3: The Reading Comprehension

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The Reading Comprehension Section

This part of the PBT test evaluates a student’s ability to comprehend a passage. The section includes 50 multiple choice questions scheduled for 55 minutes. Questions in this section aim to measure the ability to understand the information, meaning of some words or phrases given in the reading material.

Section 4: The Written English

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The Written English Test

The written test section measures the ability of a student to write in Standard English. Test takers are given 30 minutes to write an essay. The title would mainly prompt the students to write an argumentative essay or express their perspectives.

  1. TOEFL Internet-Based Test (iBT)/ Computer-Based Test
TOEFL internet-based test (TOEFL iBT) can now be taken from your home -  Studygram

TOEFL Internet-Based Test

The Internet-Based Test is also known as the Computer-Based Test. iBT tests are conducted in every TOEFL test center where the internet is available. Of the two types, iBT is the most common and widely accepted one. The test occurs for 4 hours 30 minutes, and it is done on a computer – no paper exercises are included. This test is divided into the following four sections;

Section 1: Reading

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iBT Reading Test

All the sections are pretty similar to the PBT version. The reading section includes multiple-choice questions in a split-screen format.

Section 2: Listening

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iBT Listening Test 

This section includes questions from audio recordings of conversations, lectures, and speeches. The reading and listening sections primarily test students in the form of experimental questions. 

Section 3: Writing 

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iBT Writing Test

The answers for the writing section are entered into a computer like practical IT tests. Students are allowed to take notes, but the notes are destroyed at the end for security purposes. 

Section 4: Speaking

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iBT Speaking Test

Test takers are provided with necessary equipment like headsets and microphones to record their answers. 

TOEFL Bhutan

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TOEFL Bhutan – TOEFL In Thimphu

Bhutan has TOEFL in Thimphu – for students pursuing higher studies abroad can take the test to apply for universities. The TOEFL Bhutan is located in Chhundu Training Institute (#23 SD Plaza, 4th Floor, Norzin Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan). They offer Internet-Based Tests four times a month. Don’t worry if it is your first time appearing for the English proficiency test! Chhundu has a one-week training course, and they will equip you with all the knowledge to sit for the exam. So, register and grab your seat at the best universities of Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. 

Contact Chhundu Training Institute at chhunduti@gmail.com or +97577228133

Take your chance while you still have the choice!

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