100% Job Guarantee After Two Months Training

Are you tired of searching for a job? Pay less and attend two months of training to earn a guaranteed job. Chundu Training Institution (CTI) offers you an opportunity to get yourself employed. 

Scroll down to know a brief description of the training institution, employment, and job securities offered by Blue Dragon Digital Marketing;

  1. About Chundu Enterprise ECPF, Global Reach – Chundu Training Institution

Professional Global reach counselors.

Chundu Enterprise ECPF, Global Reach is Bhutan’s leading overseas education consultant that provides quality guidance to students all over the South Asian regions. It is the best certified educational consultant and achieved the first ranking in PF’s newsletter. Chundu Enterprise is located in Phuentsholing and Thimphu. Chundu Training Institution is a Global Reach that educates comprehensive digital marketing courses; blog writing, copywriting, and content writing. 

  1. About Training course – Chundu Training Institute (CTI)

CTI is a certified training institution located in Thimphu, Bhutan

  • Training Fee

CTI charges Nu. 30,000 with free laptops and Wi-Fi facilities.

  • Duration of the course

The course will be for two months with comprehensive learning activities.

  • Bachelors of Arts (BA) in English

You must have a degree of BA in English from a  recognized and certified university.

  1. Employment 

Grab the opportunity to work  with the finest digital marketing company 

Why enroll in Chundu Training Institution for the digital marketing course?

  • Guaranteed job

A Guaranteed job offer by Chundu Training Institution

Unlike any other organization, Chundu Training Institution offers you a two-month-long comprehensive course with guaranteed employment. The instructor will review your performance at the end of the course for employment procedures. A final test will be organized where you should write content for a specific subject line. If you pass, you will be a part of  Blue Dragon Digital Marketing.

Blue Dragon Digital Marketing (BDDM) is Bhutan’s leader in comprehensive digital marketing that deals with online marketing. It is located in Thimphu, Bhutan. The company ensures SEO and online presence with a simple result-driven approach.

  • Skills

Upgrade yourself with different skills

A certified trainer of CTI ensures you with multi-skills, especially blog writing, copywriting, and content writing. Most of the market does not have access to the knowledge of these works. You will be trained on multi-facet skills in writing. The work of writing is a highly demanded job, but Bhutan lacks skillful writers. Everyone knows how to write, but only a few are proficient writers. . Here are the specific skills you will gain after attending the digital marketing course at Chundu Training Institute;

  • Writing well

Writing is the fundamental skill required in BDDM. After attending the course, you will be an exceptional writer, keeping away from grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, punctuation mistakes, monotonous points, and improper flow of sentences. During the course, you will be writing on different content to make yourself aware of people’s common mistakes. You will be taught the basics and essentials for writing well.

  • Strong research skills

To make your writing engrossing, you have to back up your writing with intense research studies. You will learn how to research intensively.

  • Socializing with other people

Socializing is essential to make your working environment a comfortable place. CTI focuses on interactive sessions where the trainer uses different activities to learn and interact with each other.

  • Time management

The most important factor to work professionally is time management. During the learning course, you will know how to manage time. You will be asked to write and carry out research on given schedules, and you have to meet the deadlines without failure. 

  • Adaptability to different writing environment 

 While writing, you will notice there are different tones and styles in writing. You will be writing to various organizations such as; hair industry, travel industry, education consultancy, and many more. It is crucial to adapt to different tones and styles.

  • Editing

Proofreading is vital to avoid mistakes and clinch your customer with your writing. You have to proofread your articles to make them more professional. During the course, you will be editing along with your colleagues and instructors to make your writing more compelling. After enrollment in BDDM, your assigned colleague will edit your work as a part of the editing process. 

  1. Job availability

Join Blue Dragon Digital Marketing (BDDM)

  • Intake in Blue Dragon Digital Marketing (BDDM)

To employ in BDDM, you will run a final test to ensure you have credentials for the work. During your learning course, you are graded as per your works and aptitude. This will also affect your opportunity to work in BDDM.  It is essential to learn well with exclusive commitment.

  1.  Job security

100% job security

Chundu Training Institution assures your employment in BDDM after your final test. 

  • Employment drafting

To ensure job security, BDDM will draft you a copy of the employment form. You will sign a contract employee draft for a term of 5 years. 

  • Perks of working at BDDM

During the work in BDDM, you are entitled to bonuses based on your work performance. The company holds different recreational activities to ensure you are motivated and free from workload, such as; trekking, hiking, and other recreational activities. The company also offers promotional rankings that solely depend on the level of your work. 

  1. A working environment in Blue Dragon Digital Marketing

Interactive working environment 

  • Working hour

The working hour is from 9:30 am to 6 pm. During that time, the company holds a two-interval break of 15 minutes.

  • Working environment

The company adopts a western working style where you can wear casual attire but decently. You are provided with free snacks, tea, coffee, and biscuits to ensure you are free from work pressure.

  • Individual incentives

You are provided free laptops of Dell and Lenovo. High-speed Wi-Fi with spacious office rooms.


Blue Dragon Digital Marketing – a comprehensive digital marketing company

Grab the opportunity to work at Blue Dragon Digital Marketing. Chundu Training Institute has profound and professional trainers that will guide you to learn about digital marketing. Don’t worry about the course content, Grab your mobile, and dial them to apply for your registration. It is a one-time opportunity organized by CTI in collaboration with Blue Dragon Digital Marketing to employ youths seeking employment opportunities. 

Check out the website to register for the training course:

Chundu Training Institute: http://chhundutraininginstitute.com/

Follow this page to know about their working activities and programs:

Blue Dragon Digital Marketing: http://bluedragondigitalmarketing.com/

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