Are you ready to take up the challenge to improve your low scores? If YES, then Chhundu Training Institute (CTI) is the best for it. Many students aim to score more than 7, but the result is not as expected with no proper guide. Scoring 7 will help you get a student visa and enroll in a well-known university, but it shows the effort you put in to improve your reading, speaking, listening, and writing skills
Chhundu Training Institution in Thimphu, Bhutan offers you the opportunity to learn new skills and help you build the right attitudes towards your career. It was started with an aim to bridge the gap between job seekers and market requirements.
Are you still dreaming of being in Australia or Canada and living the life out there? Do you want to study overseas and make it happen? Then here is the best way to get there. IELTS, yes guys The International English Language Testing System (IELTS). It is a one-way ticket abroad. If you want to go for further study, you must pass through it.
The Ministry of Labor and Human Resources has certified many training institutes in recent years. Many different training institutes have been rising, offering various courses in Bhutan. Chhundu Training Institute (CTI) is an institute located in the heart of Thimphu, Bhutan. It is one of those rising training institutes that are coming up with various new courses.
The fastest-growing world and internet era has brought about a change in how we do things, especially in the digital world. People have less time or rather prepare less work than to go for lengthy ones. CTI (Chhundu Training Institute) is here to solve all these issues by providing quality training that is needed in today’s era.
Are you worried if your English language proficiency is up to the standard? IELTS is a time-intensive test, and you have so much to do in very little time. However, you can achieve good results in less than a month with proper IELTS tutorials. Chhundu Training Institute(CTI) is here to offer you the guidance you need whilst undertaking your IELTS journey.
You may want to learn something new rather than studying, skills that can stick with you through thick and thin. With the evolution of technology, companies are changing their pattern of marketing from traditional to digital.
Are you looking for a training institute that guarantees you a job? Have you heard of any institute that offers courses that you want to take? Do you know why a training institute is essential for an individual to take? Well, here is a win to win situation for you.
Due to the pandemic, a lot of graduates are struggling to find a job. Many of them have returned to their villages to work as farmers, but a few are still waiting for job vacancy announcements. If you are one of them, then I have great news for you. Chhundu Training Institute (CTI) in Thimphu is starting a three-month digital marketing course.
Are you tired of searching for a job? Pay less and attend two months of training to earn a guaranteed job. Chundu Training Institution (CTI) offers you an opportunity to get yourself employed.