Scope of Digital Marketing, for example, helps businesses to reach a larger audience more easily and effectively than traditional marketing ever can.
Social Media Marketing Course
As digital marketing evolves, social media has become a buzz and is hailed as a key source of career opportunities. Curious about how to get started in this booming industry? At Chundu Training Institute's Social Media Marketing Courses, we will be delighted to steer you on the right path in this ultra-fast-paced industry. 
Google Digital Marketing Certification
The Google Digital Marketing Certification is becoming increasingly popular, and it is well worth pursuing as the world is digitalizing, and so is Bhutan. If you want to get into the trend and explore more about the changing technological world, digital marketing is the perfect course to take. 
Digital Marketing Trends
Digital marketing is evolving every year, and there are numerous digital marketing trends 2022 that offer us new ways to propel our businesses to greater heights
Many people in Bhutan who want to advance their careers are turning to digital marketing as a secondary source of income because the benefits of digital marketing on businesses today are limitless. As a result, Digital Marketing offers them a more effective and cost-effective marketing channel that produces promising results.
Want to know how you can ace your TOEFL classes in Bhutan? By reading, it will help you during your TOEFL classes in Bhutan because reading is a skill much Bhutanese youth still lack.
What is TOEFL? Is it in my country? How much does it cost? If your head is heavy with these questions, we got answers to put down the flame! The answers to these popular questions on the internet will make you understand better about the TOEFL test and help you make the right decisions – especially if you dream of flying abroad to study or work!
The Ministry of Labour and Human Resources (MoLHR) and, in particular, the Department of Technical Education (DTE), is in charge of modulating all aspects of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and Human Resources Development (HRD) in Bhutan, for both the private and corporate sectors.
With the rise in numbers of students dropping off from schools and the increasing rates of unemployed youths in Thimphu, Technical Training Institute was established in the year 2008 with an aim of delivering automobiles related training.
Since you can play different roles in this industry and develop different creative marketing strategies, digital marketing can not only put you in a safe position, but also help you fully invest in the industry.